SEH GRANT in herpetology

SEH Grant in Herpetology for 2024

The “SEH Grant in Herpetology” will be made available in 2024 again to support projects orientated to the conservation of the amphibians and reptiles of Europe and the Mediterranean basin, focused on either a species or habitat, with two grants of up to EUR 5 000 each.


The SEH Conservation Committee and the SEH Council will decide on the project applications, by taking into consideration the following: 

1. Conservation orientation/ value of the proposal

2. Extent of the area to be covered

3. Likelihood of success, with realistic timetable and measurable targets

4. Costs and time table (expenses for the project- material, other costs (e.g. petrol)

5. Scientific background

6. Necessity of SEH funding: pilot projects are welcome

7. IUCN Red List status of targeted species.

Precondition of application is active SEH membership status. Applications from young researchers are particularly encouraged.

The deadline for applications is 31st December 2023 and they should be sent to the SEH Conservation Committee (e-mail: as PDF Files and should include the words “SEH Grant application” in the email subject line.

Applications should include: 

Please send your application in a single document – maximum of 4 pages. (The collected data will not be provided to third parties.)

A decision on the applications will be announced until 31st January 2024. The grants will be provided on the understanding that the funds are used exclusively for the purpose that they were requested for, and that a report (to be published in AMRE and on the SEH website) will be submitted to the SEH Conservation Committee immediately after the project has been completed.