Joining the Societas Europaea Herpetologica

You can join SEH at any time during the year and can chose among five membership categories. If you pay for a membership category that includes the journal, you will receive all issues for that calendar year, as well as full online access to all published issues since 1979.

Membership is for the current year except if paid after October 1st. For any payment, please confirm in the "communication field" the year and type of membership. It is not possible to pay before October 1 for membership of the following year.

By becoming a member of the SEH you:

• support actions in herpetology, and particularly for the conservation of amphibians and reptiles

• are able to apply for the yearly SEH Conservation and Mapping grants

• benefit from a discount (typically 70-90€) in your participation to the European Herpetological Congress

• have the possibility of applying to calls for travel grants that support your participation in herpetological conferences

• benefit from reduced fees for publishing in Herpetology Notes

• gain a 40% discount for publishing Open Access in Amphibia-Reptilia

Treasurer: Tom Kirschey

Click here for a printer ready application module or use the online application form